Flatline Contractors Inc. – We fix cart paths

We are a Golf Cart Path repair and replacement contractor serving North America. We provide total path and vegetation management, helping our partners cut costs and extend the life of their golf cart paths.


We understand that any successful entity operates with a budget. We will partner with you to address necessary repairs to infrastructure over 1,3,5 or 10 years.

Financing available with approved credit through Flatline Capital.


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Time is Money!

After playing competitive golf in the Carolinas for 20+ years, Chris Mitchell and Matt Laydon understand how to conduct themselves on a golf course.

Furthermore, we understand every day your club is not operating at max capacity you are losing revenue.
Our team and equipment are highly specialized and motivated. Two owners are onsite from start to final inspection, and we have been told that we outproduce our competition as much as 10-1.

We believe our team is the hardest working, most efficient team in the industry.


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Total Cart Path Management

Our services include demo, hauling, offsite disposal, root raking, grading, shaping, drainage, shoulder dress, forming, paving, pouring, finishing, and clean up.

Whatever your budget, and timeframe we will work with you every step of the way to remediate any failing infrastructure.





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Reputation is everything

Our mission is to develop customer relationships based on honesty, dependability, and integrity. We understand it is not what we do, but how we do it that matters.

We provide quality paving and vegetation management solutions freeing our clients to focus their valuable time and resources where it matters most. Their golf course!

Our goal is to establish lasting partnerships by exceeding expectations through exceptional performance on every project we do.


Mid Carolina Superintendent Scott Crouch on Flatline Contractors cart path repair service.




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